Pool & Hot Tub Electrical Safety

As you know, water and electricity don’t mix. That’s why electrical safety is so important when dealing with swimming pools & hot tubs.

Pools and spas come in every shape and size, and most require some electrical equipment to maintain water quality, power lights, run pumps, etc. These electrical installations must be done according to the electrical code in your area—and usually must be installed by a licensed electrician.

For safety purposes you need a licensed electrician to make the electrical connections. Remember, when we’re talking about water and electricity, they don’t mix. Please take extra safety precautions to prevent electrical shock and keep your family safe. By making the proper electrical connections and observing electrical safety, you’ll have a fun-filled soak in the tub!

It’s Almost Spring and Time to Consider Installing Outside Lights!

Outdoor lights improve safety
A dark property poses several safety risks for you, your family and visitors. When walkways and stairs are not lit properly, it’s hard to see where you’re going and spot any obstacles in your path. Falls can occur, which can be severe. Another benefit of exterior lighting, besides aesthetic qualities, are security and safety. It stands to reason that if your home is illuminated at night, it is less likely to be vandalized or burglarized
Installing walkway and stair lights to the exterior of your home can improve visibility after dark. There are many options available for lighting the walkways of your home, ranging from decorative fixtures to lights that blend in with your landscape.
Path lights can be installed along your walkways and come in a variety of styles and finishes to suit your tastes. Post lights are another option that will provide adequate lighting when installed around your walkways, while coordinating with the décor of your home. Driveway lights can also be added, not only to keep your family and visitors safe, but to help drivers better see the boundaries.
Outdoor LED lighting
A system that has been laid out correctly will not have these problems, especially with the newer LED technology that has consumed the low voltage lighting industry. The LED fixtures that we use are cast bronze and have a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. These bulbs are rated for 40,000 hours of run time.
When most people think of LED, the first thing that comes to mind is a bright blue tone. But, the professional landscape lighting manufacturers have developed the LEDs to provide a perfect natural light that is indistinguishable from that of a halogen bulb.
Additionally, LEDs use approximately 90 percent less energy than halogen, which means you will probably never notice a difference on your power bill.
Call Us!
If you want to install ambient or security lighting in the outdoors, you should call in an electrician. An electrical contractor can help you thread wiring to the outside if there was none before.
We will ensure that the wiring is properly grounded for the outdoors. In addition, we can help you choose lighting that’s rated for the outdoors, so it will withstand the elements.

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Is A Light Switch in Your Home Warm?

You may notice that, after leaving your light switch on for a few minutes, the switch feels warm or even hot to the touch when you go to turn it off. This could be a potential fire hazard.

No matter what kind of switch you’re using, heat coming off the switch is a sign that it has electricity running through it. This might seem obvious, but in most cases a traditional switch should never have enough electricity coursing through it to become warm.

If your on/off switch is warm or hot to the touch, it’s a good sign of too much power running through it. There could be several reasons why, such as hooking up a switch to a circuit with a higher amp load than it can handle. Or it can also be caused by a bad wire overloading the electrical current, which will cause it to give off heat. This is a very real fire hazard! If your on/off switch is giving off a lot of heat, turn it off and call us!

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  If electrical problems are ongoing around your home, you should consider contacting a certified and licensed electrician. Safety around the home is important, so don’t leave anything to change. Call us to help diagnose any problems with your home electricity for peace of mind and safety assurance.

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There are many ways how you can increase the safety of your home. Some of the most common of the methods such as proper locks and high-quality alarm systems are probably already known to you. However another feature you should certainly consider is the illumination of your house since the environmental design is known to play a significant role in ensuring the safety. Although there are not too many data available proving or disproving whether illuminated house is more attractive to burglars or not, it is a common view that a porch or yard which is being illuminated during the night-time will at least give you a larger sense of security and will make it easier to notice any unwanted movements and actions going on around your property.

There are many types of flood lights available with different features and sensors included. One type of outdoor flood lights is dusk-to-dawn flood lights.

Flood lights with dusk-to-dawn settings basically work by sensing the amount of natural light and they turn on only when it has reached particular level of dimness. As the name of the flood light indicates, it works from dusk to dawn i.e. it will work only during the darkest hours of the day and will automatically switch themselves off in the morning. This option seems to be a lot more reasonable and energy-efficient than having your flood lights on all the evening and morning. Some people also go for motion sensors but they can be a bit too annoying and react to the movements that you do not want or need to be detected e.g. cars and people passing by. If your main purpose of installing flood lights is to illuminate your home and yard during the night only, then dusk-to-dawn outdoor flood lights simply seem to be the most reasonable of the choices.