Pool & Hot Tub Electrical Safety

As you know, water and electricity don’t mix. That’s why electrical safety is so important when dealing with swimming pools & hot tubs.

Pools and spas come in every shape and size, and most require some electrical equipment to maintain water quality, power lights, run pumps, etc. These electrical installations must be done according to the electrical code in your area—and usually must be installed by a licensed electrician.

For safety purposes you need a licensed electrician to make the electrical connections. Remember, when we’re talking about water and electricity, they don’t mix. Please take extra safety precautions to prevent electrical shock and keep your family safe. By making the proper electrical connections and observing electrical safety, you’ll have a fun-filled soak in the tub!

Electrical Panel Potential Problems

Electrical wires are designed to carry certain amounts of electricity.  The larger the wire, the more current it can carry.  If a wire gets too much current flowing through it, it can overheat and cause a fire.  Breakers and fuses limit the amount of current an electrical wire must handle.  When the amount of current is greater than what an electrical wire can handle, the breaker or fuse is designed to cut the power to that wire, preventing it from overheating.  For this to happen, the amperage size of the breakers and fuses must match with appropriately sized wires.  When a breaker or fuse is rated for higher amperage than what a wire is designed to handle, the circuit is considered over-fused.

If you’re running something that draws more amperage, you need a larger wire to prevent it from overheating.  You need to make sure that the amperage of all breakers and fuses are properly sized for the corresponding wire.  If they’re too large for the wire, then it’s considered “over-fused”.  Over-fusing is a VERY serious problem that needs to be corrected to prevent the overheating of wires that can potentially burn a house down or even worse, kill a family.  Over-fused circuits are a serious problem that needs to be corrected by a qualified professional.  Please call Genesis Electrical Services. Two locations to serve you: Northwest Indiana  219-663-6264 & Hamilton County 317-708-7000.


  If electrical problems are ongoing around your home, you should consider contacting a certified and licensed electrician. Safety around the home is important, so don’t leave anything to change. Call us to help diagnose any problems with your home electricity for peace of mind and safety assurance.

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