Even though your home provides safe shelter during seasonal lightning storms, also known as electrical storms, you still may be at some risk. According to experts about one third of lightning-strike injuries can occur indoors. Listed are some tips to remain safe and reduce risk of being impacted by lightning while inside your home.

Avoid Water

Do not bath, shower, wash dishes or have any other contact with water as lightning can travel through your home’s plumbing.

Stay Away from Windows, Doors, Porches and Concrete

Do not lie on concrete floors or lean on concrete walls. Concrete is reinforced with metal rebar that can provide a conduit for lightning to travel.

Avoid Corded Phones

While many households have done away with landlines, those that still rely on a corded phone may be at risk during a lightning storm. Dangerous current can travel through the wiring. Cordless or cell phones, however, are safe to use.

Do Not Use Electrical Equipment

It is best to unplug electrical devices such as computers, laptops, washers, dryers, stoves and gaming systems. High voltage lightning can travel through electrical systems, even metal wires or bars in walls or flooring. You may want to consider installing a whole-house surge protector to protect appliances and other home electrical devices.

Many homeowners have protected themselves from the worries of a power outage by installing a back-up generator. A backup power source can keep important systems and appliances running in your home, including sump pumps that keep your home from flooding. Not only does a backup generator give you peace of mind, it can save you thousands of dollars in property damage.

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