Have you noticed strange sounds coming from your electrical panel, maybe even a burning smell? If you are hearing snap, crackle, buzz from your panel it’s a sign to call a qualified electrician and schedule a panel inspection Many times, there is minimal visual evidence of a problem however if you notice any discoloration of a breaker it may signify excessive heat coming from a bad breaker or defective wiring.

My Circuit Breaker Trips and Trips and Trips

Home circuit breakers are designed to trip or shut off power if the circuit is overloaded. It’s normal for an occasional trip but frequent occurrences points to a potentially dangerous issue.

Snap, Crackle, Buzz

Your panel is trying to tell you that all is not right. If you notice flickering lights and a buzzing sound when you turn on lights or appliances, your panel may be begging for some attention by a professional and qualified electrician.

Damaged Wiring

Yes, pets and unwanted furry intruders can chew your home electrical wiring and cause some serious damage if the frayed wiring is not replaced. Of course, once the repairs are made you will need to deter future damage by eliminating intrusion of the four-legged visitors. Inspect your home and seal up entry points to keep rodents out.

What’s That Smell?

Follow your nose. If you smell something hot and notice a scorched outlet or panel breaker, your next call should be to a trained electrician.  The heat or discolored outlet signals that heat is causing damage to your home and should not be ignored. It’s important not to touch any electrical item that shows signs of damage.

These warning signs indicate serious problems with your home’s electrical system and should only be addressed by a qualified electrician. Stay safe and leave these issues to professionals.

Genesis Electrical Service offers a wide range of electrical services and is experienced in electrical panel repairs and replacement.

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