My house is over 30 years old, is my panel outdated?

There are a variety of reasons you may need a new electrical panel. One key reason is age. Panels become outdated and unable to support modern electrical needs. If your older home, typically 30-40 years old, has a 60-amp panel you should replace it with a 200-amp panel to safely handle the workload of modern appliances. The electrical panel is one of the essential components in your home and while it brings comfort and convenience the main consideration is safety. Overcrowded panels have the potential to be a fire hazard.

My panel smells hot.

If your panel gives off a burning smell this indicates a bad circuit breaker or faulty wiring. Either one is an indication or warning sign of an electrical fire. You should contact a qualified electrician to inspect your panel and make the necessary repairs.

My lights are flickering.

Are you experiencing damage to appliances and flickering lights? This is a sign of faulty electrical service. This could include faulty or old wiring. A qualified electrician should be hired to assess the issue and make recommendations. A new electrical panel will provide a steady flow of electricity, but new wiring may be required to handle the new electrical supply.

I want new appliances.

appliance Genesis Electrical Service Genesis Electrical Service

Are you considering new appliances, a washer, dryer, maybe even a hot tub, or planning to replace the air conditioning unit perhaps, from https://brookshvac.com/ or similar other websites? The majority of these items require a 240V circuit. This could be a good time to consider upgrading to a new, more adequately sized electric panel.

Can I replace the panel myself or should I hire a professional?

Panel changes are complicated and high voltage at a dangerous level comes into the panel. If a new electrical panel is required it is recommended to hire a licensed and qualified electrician. You will want to check their references. Look at a new panel change as an investment in your home and with it comes a peace of mind that your family is safe.

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