If you’re the particular type, finding the right electrician can take some time. But since electrical work always has a safety angle, isn’t the extra time worth it?

Another reason to choose an electrician before you really need one is this: to be sure it’s the kind of company with people you’re comfortable inviting into your home. The fact is we live in a safety-challenged world where there’s no longer any such thing as being too careful.

For these and other reasons – like making sure you hire a highly qualified individual or a company like https://barnettelectrical.com/electrical/ – we’re pleased to present five key questions you should ask each electrical contractor you’re considering for the role of your own personal electrician.

blog1. Are you licensed & insured?

Okay, so technically that’s TWO questions, but two questions that you’ll want to ask at the same time. For starters, there are two basic levels of licensure. A master electrician has at least two years of professional experience and is licensed for both the design and installation of electrical systems. A journeyman is licensed for installation only. When it comes to insurance, electrical contractors should carry at least $500,000 in liability and workers’ compensation insurance.

2. What special training/experience do you have for this kind of work?

This is a question that jumps toward the top of the list when your project requires special expertise, such as home theater wiring. If the project requires more difficult work then it’s best to ensure you hire a level 2 electrician that knows what they’re doing. Find out if they do that kind of work and ask for details and/or photos of completed projects.

3. What does your estimate include?

In addition to pricing structure, be sure to discuss incidentals, like repairing drywall and other things affected by the electrical work. Even if you’re responsible for one or more associated costs, it’s better to know that upfront to avoid unpleasant surprises later on.

4. Who will perform the work?

Don’t assume the person you talk to will be the one doing all the work. You also shouldn’t assume that the person designated to work in your home is a company employee vs. a subcontractor. That may not matter to you, but it should, especially as it pertains to matters of insurance and overall accountability. If they have a website, it’s definitely worth doing some research on it. For example, if you’re thinking of hiring Boulden Brothers, you would visit www.bouldenbrothers.com/boulden-brothers-electric/ to find out more about the staff who work there.

5. What guarantees or warranties do you provide?

A sure sign of a company’s integrity is a guarantee or warranty with some real teeth to it. After all, the true end product of any electrical service work or installation is your added peace of mind.

If you’re currently looking for a residential electrician, we hope you’ll make Genesis Electric part of your search. Here, we welcome all your questions, not just those suggested in this blog. We’re confident you’ll like our responses and equally confident you’ll give us strong consideration for the task at hand. At Genesis Electric, we work hard to earn your trust, but even harder to keep it.

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