blogYou never know when severe weather might strike. It’s not just a seasonal concern, it’s something all of us living in storm-prone areas have grown used to living with. Not just the weather itself, mind you, but all the damage it can cause. Including the possibility of a prolonged power outage that could affect your livelihood or business.

That’s why your home could need a generator to keep things running in your home. There are many kinds of generators for sale from small portable generators to larger ones that can run on natural gas or diesel. You obviously would want the kind of generator that is right for your home and often the most suitable is a whole-house standby generator. If you get a generator with a transfer switch for easy use, then getting power back could be a simple press of a button.

At Genesis Electric, we offer a solution that will hold you in good stead now, and all year long, for that matter: a whole-house generator that operates off your home’s natural or propane gas supply. Well, it is recommended to use propane instead of other heating fuels as it is a clean-burning agent and the carbon emission from propane could be much less when compared with other heating fuels. It is therefore advisable to use propane (which can be delivered to you by Kelly Propane or similar fuel delivery businesses in your area) for the backup generator.

Right there, you have the first advantage of a whole-house generator, as in, no messy and frequent refills of gasoline or kerosene. What’s more, your whole-house generator will turn on automatically seconds after the public power supply goes off and, later on, will shut itself off once power is restored.

But the best part, of course, is that you’ll have power throughout your home for as long as you need it. Which means your food won’t spoil, if you’re lucky enought to have an AC system from someone like One Hour Air Conditioning, that will continue to work, and you’ll have a reduced risk of vandalism as thieves enjoy working in the cover of darkness. Not in the glare of a well-lit home.

A whole-house generator also adds value to your home, which is an important consideration if you’re thinking about moving any time within the foreseeable future.

To learn more, contact Genesis Electric and request a free in-home consultation and proposal. Already have a generator? Then you’ll be glad to know that we provide ongoing maintenance and expert repair services – including 24/7 emergency repairs – for all whole-house generator makes and models.

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  1. I totally agree that propane generators are a great backup system option. My husband and I are considering getting one soon, especially since we love the fact that you pointed out that they don’t require messy or frequent refills of gasoline or kerosene like traditional generators do. We also heard that propane-fueled models have better emissions and quieter operation and that you can get propane delivered, both of which would be nice benefits.

  2. I like how you mentioned that there are many different types of whole-house standby generators for sale. I would think that it would be a good idea to get a standby generator that is as large as you can afford. You would want to make sure that the generator you purchase has enough power to meet the needs of your home in a crisis.

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