Good for you if you already have a whole-house generator.  That means you’ve taken an important step toward ensuring you and your family never lose power, even during the most severe of summer and winter storms.

But having a generator isn’t quite enough.  You see, unless it’s routinely and professionally maintained, it could fail to restore power to your home following a public power outage.

Here at Genesis Electric, we maintain and repair all makes and models of whole-house generators.  Some models, for example, require regular oil changes.  Here are other steps involved in our generator maintenance service:

We recommend annual maintenance service at a minimum, but it’s also a good idea to have your generator checked after each usage.  That way, you can be sure it’s ready to perform the next time you need it.

In the unfortunate circumstance it fails to start or quits during operation, we offer 24/7 emergency repair service to help restore power just as quickly as we can.

Of course, if you haven’t yet committed to protecting your home and family with a whole-house generator, you’ll be glad to know that Genesis Electric can make sure you get what’s best for your home electrical needs and budget.

Contact us today for service or to request an on-site proposal for a new and fully-installed whole house generator from Genesis Electric.



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