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Office: For conference rooms, General Electrical Services offers table outlets for laptops, speakerphones, and presentation devices. For IT Stations, we offer surge-proof safety outlets in multiple areas for maximum efficiency.

Business: Genesis Electrical Services can accommodate your business in-store display outlets, as well as station table outlets for restaurant kitchens. We can install switches to suit your every lighting need, such as dimmer switches, timer switches, and toggle switches. Custom wall plates, parking lot lights, neon lighting and security lighting options are also available.

We also service and maintain office space, warehouse, store fronts, restaurants, shopping centers and many other commercial buildings. Call today and ask about our service contract that will provide savings on many levels.

Office, Retail & Tenant Finish

So, you have grown your business enough to need a bigger space to fit your employees and products. There are lots of things to consider before you make any decisions, lots of questions to ask about office space leasing, and lots of planning for where everything will fit in. A business move can cost a lot of money so it’s important to get it right first time.

If you have just signed your commercial real estate lease then you might be thinking: “now what?” More than likely the layout, floors, walls, etc need to be modified or updated so your next step is to hire a contractor to have it remodeled or finished out. No matter if you are leasing warehouse space, office space, medical office space, or retail space you need to make sure the contract includes all the details about what the contractor will and will not do.

If the landlord is managing the scope of work then you need to make sure your commercial lease contract includes a work letter that gives specific details about the timing, what tenant finish out and costs the landlord/lessor is responsible for and what work and costs you are responsible for. You also want to have a clear understanding of the timing it will take to complete the tenant finish out from both the contractor and landlord.

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