Waking up in the middle of the night in a sweat, you drag yourself out of bed to check the thermostat. It reads 78 degrees. For all the beautiful weather summer brings, it is determined to prevent you from a restful night. The option of dropping the thermostat’s temperature is always there, but it is not an energy or cost effective way to keep your home cool. Read on to find seven ways to cool off your home and lower your air conditioning bill.

light streaming between closed curtains
Close Your Curtains 

Keeping your curtains closed, especially during the brightest times of the day, will block the sun resulting in a cooler home. Even if you like daylight in your home, you still have the option of blocking the sun from rooms you aren’t using  or while you are away from your home. Whether you have blinds or curtains, closing them will aide in a cooler home. It may be a good idea to put up blackout curtains especially in rooms where the sun shines through often.

cost effective smart thermostat reading 63 degrees

Smart Thermostats

With technology constantly being updated, smart thermostats are a viable option to keep your home cool. You have the option to set your thermostat to a higher temperature while you are gone for the day then create a schedule of when you arrive home everyday and program your thermostat to change to your desired temperature when you arrive home. This allows you to come home to a cool house everyday while simultaneously saving money on air conditioning an empty house. 

curtain billowing in the breeze

Let a Breeze in

Although many times the summer heat and humidity can be stifling, there are days when a refreshing breeze is present. If this is the case, opening windows, especially during the cooler morning or evening hours, is an excellent option. It is a great idea to create a cross breeze in your house by opening multiple windows which will provide a welcome relief from the summer heat.

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Install Ceiling Fans

Although ceiling fans do not actually lower the temperature in your home, they do help it to feel cooler. This makes them a cost effective way to raise your thermostat a few degrees while still feeling cool. Consider installing ceiling fans  and running them especially during the summer months. Another helpful tip is to make sure your ceiling fans are set to turn counter clockwise as this pushes air down aiding in a cool breeze.

person putting food into oven

Limit Using Your Oven

Have you ever felt the heat wave coming from an oven? If you are using your oven often during the summer, it will result in an increase in the temperature. Consider grilling more often or eating foods that require little or no cooking. When you are cooking inside, turn on the oven fan to help remove the hot humid air from your home.

Plant a Tree

While this may not be a quick fix, planting trees around and near your home has great potential.  They can help to shade your home by effectively blocking sunlight and keeping your home cooler. Plus they look great too. The investment and time to plant the trees may pay off in the future. 

Taking Action

These tips are definitely worth considering if you are looking to save money on your energy bill. Even following a few of these tips will help in the long run. From installing fans or smart thermostats to simply opening a window or closing your curtains, there is an option available for everyone. If you have any electrical problems or questions  call us today! we would be happy to help you with any of your electrical needs! 

It’s hard to find an electrician with whom you can trust the lives of your family, feeling confident of their service. We can help with qualified, trained and friendly electricians serving you with excellence, honesty and integrity.

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