Smart Home 300 wide compressor Genesis Electrical Service Genesis Electrical ServiceHome technology has increased substantially over the past few years and the smart home of the future is something that you really can have. There are a lot of different automated home accessories to choose from but if you are looking for something that will make your life easier and increase the value of your home, then these are the ones you are looking for. Some of the most popular categories in home automation include thermostats, locks, lights, and security. For that extra protection for your home, there are things you can add as well as automation to keep you and your family protected. The use of security doors as an extra layer of resistance can ward off knife attacks, crowbars, etc. Combining these security measures together can make you feel a lot safer in your home.

Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats can replace your current thermostat in your home. The benefit of these is that you can set your preferences based on the outside and inside temperature so that it will automatically adjust for you. You can also set it to specific temperatures for the hours or days that you are home. In no time at all, you will start saving a lot of money on your electricity.

Smart Locks

If you have ever left your home and could not remember whether you locked your door, with smart locks you can lock or unlock your doors from your smart device. You can also unlock your door for someone else in your family who may have forgotten their keys or locked themselves out.

Smart Lights

A lot of people like to have their lights on in specific rooms when they are not home or at night. You may even have some exterior lights that you want to be on at night. With smart lights, you can set them to dim or turn on and off automatically based on your preferences. The same goes for SmartBlinds; they’re great for automatically opening and closing when the light changes outdoors but they also serve to give the impression that someone is in the house while you’re not there, deterring any would-be tresspassers.

Security Cameras

With you don’t need to be tethered to your router or an Ethernet port. That said, you will need power. There are a select crop of cameras that operate on batteries. However, if the cameras are placed high or you’re just lazy, you probably want something that’s more of a permanent fixture, especially if you’re considering other security measures like Tinted windows to keep your home safe and secure. Most wireless security cameras can connect to your existing Wi-Fi network, so you can access them remotely if you know your IP address, for example look at this Netgear Default IP Address List.
but they do need to be plugged in. Make sure to pick a spot that’s close to an electrical outlet. If you’re interested in installing security cameras in your home, you may want to check out these home security cameras reviews to help get you started.

These are just a few of the popular items that you can purchase and connect in your home. Since these are ones that you can install in your home, they will also add value.

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