A GFI, or GFCI – Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter outlet reduces the danger of shock from a faulty cord or device.  It’s a special outlet that can detect dangerous ground faults. To protect us in this situation, the device quickly cuts off the power supply to the defective device.

You usually see GFCI outlets in your bathrooms or kitchen, however, there are outlet requirements in other parts of your house. Unfinished basements, garages and most outdoor receptacles require GFCI outlets per electrical codes.

As we move our living space more and more to the outdoors to enjoy fun around the pool in the summer or a roaring fire on a crisp autumn evening, we want to make sure the electricity to these outdoor spaces is correctly installed and safe. Adding electricity to your outdoor living space isn’t the same as indoors. Outlets are exposed to the elements and must have protective covers to keep adverse conditions away. GFCI outlets are a must (and required) in these environments.

You will want to make sure outdoor outlet guidelines are followed to avoid injury. It’s recommended to call on a trained and certified electrician to make sure your outdoor living space is safe and ready for fun.

Call Genesis Electric to schedule one of our certified technicians to assist in your outdoor living enhancements and installing GFCI outlets. Discover the Genesis Electric 5 Star Service.

It’s hard to find an electrician with whom you can trust the lives of your family, feeling confident of their service. We can help with qualified, trained and friendly electricians serving you with excellence, honesty and integrity.

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