Electrical Checklist for Fall Maintenance

 Prepare your home and property for cooler temperatures, volatile weather patterns, and seasonal changes

Test electrical outlets & GFCI outlets

  • Use a receptacle tester from the local hardware store or plug in a lamp or radio. If an outlet isn’t working, it may be a loose wire—or a sign of a bigger problem.
  • Plug in a tester or lamp and press the “Test” button. The lamp should turn off. If the GFCI is working properly, the lamp should switch back on when you press “Reset.” If GFCI’s or other outlets are not working properly or if cords feel hot to the touch when you plug or unplug them, give us a call!

Test carbon monoxide and smoke alarms

  • Seasonal checks of carbon monoxide and smoke alarms are a good idea. Alarms should sound when you press the “Test” button, and should be replaced every five to 10 years, depending upon manufacturer recommendations. If you need help replacing, please call!

Examine breaker panels

Carefully open the lid and examine the panel’s interior. Look for burned or scorched areas, as well as loose wiring. Don’t touch anything that looks unsafe or out of place! Instead, call us! Consider the installation of arc-fault circuit interrupters (AFCIs), which protect against fire by monitoring a circuit’s electrical current. If unintended arcing occurs, the AFCI shuts down the offending circuit.

At Genesis Electrical Serivce, we care about your family and wish to protect your home against the risks of electrical fires and electrocution. Our experienced, licensed electricians, journeymen, and technicians have the know-how to manage any electrical project in your home. For questions about home checklist results—or to schedule a residential electrical inspection please call and a member of our Genesis Electrical Service team will be glad to help!

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