Q: I’m looking to protect my home from power outages. I work from home and need power and internet throughout the day and night. What do you suggest for a back-up generator?

A: We are a certified Generac Dealer and will be happy to assess your power needs and recommend the appropriate model. In addition to keeping your internet up and running Generac generators can save homeowners thousands of dollars in repairs if power goes out during a storm and flooding occurs in their basement.

Q: How does a home backup generator work?

A: A backup generator senses a power outage and turns on automatically, whether your home or not. It will deliver power to your home until the utility power turns back on. 

Q:  What does a generator run on?

A:  Home Generators run on your existing natural gas or LP fuel supply.

Q: What size of Generator do I need?

A: A Genesis technician will inspect your home and assess the proper size for your needs. You can operate the most critical household equipment on 5000 – 7500 watts. A generator this size will keep your sump pump, refrigerator and lighting circuits up and running.

Q: Do generators need maintenance?

A: All generators will need periodic maintenance, just like your car, with oil and filter changes to ensure trouble free performance. No worries, Genesis Electrical offers annual maintenance contracts for worry-free ownership. It is recommended to have the unit serviced every 6 months.

Q: What are my next steps to deciding if I need a back-up generator?

Dean: Call Genesis Electric to schedule one of our certified technicians to discuss how to protect your home from power outages with one of Generac’s affordable standby generators.

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