Summertime is family time and it’s the perfect time to start creating your outdoor living area. Transform your patio, porch or backyard into a summer haven and create just the right touch with lighting features.

Getting Started

Make sure your outdoor lighting and fans are appropriate for outside use. Double check specifications to make sure they can be safely used in damp locations. Depending on how extensive your project is it may be a good idea to check with local building codes and consult with your local electrician. Electrical standards can vary by communities so it’s always good to talk to an expert and keep your area safe.

Not Too Bright, Just Right

When choosing outdoor lighting, a good rule of thumb is to find shielded, low wattage lighting fixtures. The goal of outdoor lighting is to create a contrast of dark and light spaces and not to over light the area. There is a lighting feature for every budget. String lighting is an easy and inexpensive option and can enhance a fun outdoor area. You can create accent lighting with landscape kits and spotlights if you want to get a bit more extensive with your lighting design.

Another quick rule of thumb to determine how much wattage you need is based on square feet of your area. Figure 150 watts for every 100 square feet. Use LEDs to keep your energy and maintenance to a minimum.

Stay Cool, Be Cool

Outdoor ceiling fans keep the air moving on those warm summer evenings while bringing ambiance and comfort to your area. It’s recommended to have a certified electrician install your new fan making sure it is safe for outdoor use. They can also recommend the proper fan size for your area, then it’s up to you and your imagination to pick out the style that fits your décor.

The Sky’s the Limit with Outdoor Living

Go ahead, get crazy with your ideas. Check out a Flower and Patio Show to pick up tips and ideas, talk to experts to help you create the perfect outdoor living area for your family.

There are landscaping and lighting ideas for every taste and budget.

Call Genesis Electric to schedule one of our certified technicians to assist in your outdoor living installations and enhancements. Discover the Genesis Electric 5 Star Service.

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