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These 10 common appliances are can be subustantial energy hogs in the winter. We provide some tips on how you can lower your energy usage with these devices, but we also recommend investigating newer devices that are inherently more energy efficient.

1) Electric Heating Appliances
If you are heating with electricity this winter season, it is likely the highest portion of your electricity bill. According to the US Department of Energy, approximately 56% of electric power used is for heating and cooling. Electric furnaces and heat pumps are the worst offenders. Electric furnaces work by heating elements and transferring that heat to the living space by use of fans. Guess what? If a trusted company offers you a furnace repair, you’d be silly not to get it because a furnace on the verge of breakdown is extremely inefficient when it comes to energy usage. If your furnace is quite old, it may make more sense to just replace it rather than repairing it. Some estimates suggest that, with a high-efficiency furnace, you can reduce your home gas bill by up to 35-45%. There is further information about furnace installation at burichvac.com/bowie-heating-furnace/, should you need it.

You can save on the heating portion of your electricity bill by lowering your thermostat at night and while you are away. Keep extra blankets on the bed for chilly nights.

2) Water Heaters
Water heaters that use electricity provide that comfort by heating elements inside the water tank. The elements draw energy regularly to keep the water at a set temperature. They contribute about the same amount on your electric bill as clothes dryers. However, using tankless water heaters gives you on-demand hot water whilst also saving you some money on your energy bills. You can see some reviews of the best tankless water heaters on waterheaterreviewssite if you wanted to.

So that you don’t have to add to your costs, it’s ideal for your water heater to run without needing repairs. However, if it does, it’s good to have some high quality water heater repair services that you can turn to. To conserve energy this winter season if you have an electric heater, turn the water heater’s thermostat down to keep the water at a lower temperature comfortable enough for your use. Thermal water heater wraps are designed specifically for covering water heaters and provide an additional layer of insulation. Install low-flow faucets and showerheads. In many regions, you may be able to use a solar water heater that mounts on your roof, but these are relatively expensive. There are several passive solar water heater designs available, too.

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