Tips to Improve Your Lighting

Good lighting makes all the difference in a room. If your space is feeling a little lackluster, read below for simple ways to improve it through lighting…

  • Consider scale. Table lamps are great, but sometimes a large lantern, an oversized pendant, or a big sculptural floor lamp can bring the focal point that a room requires.
  • Add a dimmer. This allows you to easily change the mood and brightness of your lighting depending on the time of day. For a quick demo on how to install one, click here.
  • Include at least three sources of light in each room: general (overhead or pendant) lighting, specific (task or table) lighting, and ambient (sconces, candles or decorative) lighting.
  • Choose the right shade. White shades let more light through, but usually create a colder tone. Colored shades will tint the light, making it appear creamier, warmer, or cooler depending on the hue you choose.
  • Use CFLs or LEDs for energy efficiency. CFLs tend to emit a harsher light, but you can try full spectrum versions for light that enhances blues and reds.
  • Light the dark corners of your home: closets, shelves, kitchen counters, cupboards. Areas like these are often neglected, but they become more functional and beautiful when properly lit.
  • Incorporate reflective surfaces into your home. Mirrors, glossy floors, and metallic finishes will bounce light around a room.
  • Deal with ugly fixtures. We’ve all had them: the hideous frosted glass, 1970s ceiling fixtures that wash the room in dingy yellow light. Switching out the shade or replacing the fixture all-together can completely change the look of a room.
  • Maximize natural light by keeping your windows clean. It’s cheap, simple, and really does make a difference.