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When the hot summer sun is beating down on your roof, keeping your home cool can be a challenge. If you’ve gotten an air conditioner installation company to add that feature to keep your home cool then you know that your air conditioner does a pretty good job of lowering the temperature and reducing humidity, but it has to work pretty hard to do so. By having an attic fan installed, you can reduce the load on your air conditioner. This will lower stress on the parts, meaning less breakdowns (though you should keep the www.thecomfortdoctors.com/heating-and-cooling-services-clarks-summit-pa/ service bookings in place). In turn, this will save overall costs for cooling and heating your home. At Genesis, we offer a full range of electrical services, including attic fan installation, and our technicians are here to help you beat the heat and lighten the load on your air conditioner.

Attic fans provide several benefits for homeowners.

When summer temperatures range near 90 degrees, the temperature on a roof and inside an attic can go much higher. In some cases, attic temperatures will soar above 120 degrees Fahrenheit. This intense heat can make your home uncomfortable and cause shingles to deteriorate, which shortens the life span of your roof. This is why it may come as no surprise to find that some people might decide to get in touch with roofing contractors round rock (if they lived in and around the Texas area). Leaving something like this to the professionals may provide better results than trying to get this fixed on your own.

Well-ventilated attics bring that temperature down in the summer to help protect your home against these ill effects. While it may not seem logical to allow air inside your home during the summer and winter, ventilation in your attic is recommended by roofers and HVAC experts alike. Sufficient insulation in your attic floor keeps the temperatures appropriate for the season inside the attic while allowing your HVAC system to cool or heat your home as you see fit. In the winter, ventilation throughout your attic helps keep moisture levels down to avoid related damage to the roof.

Decreased Temperatures in Living Areas

When the temperature outside is in the 80s, the temperature in your attic could skyrocket to 150 degrees or higher. Vents allow for a degree of passive cooling, but an attic fan is the best way to make a significant difference.

Running an attic fan during the hottest part of the day lowers the temperature in your attic by as much as 50 degrees. This translates to temperatures roughly 10 degrees cooler throughout the rest of your home.

Lower Air Conditioning Expenses

Since it keeps your home cooler, your attic fan decreases the amount your air conditioner has to run. By simply decreasing the temperature inside your home by 10 degrees, you could cut your cooling expenses by about 30%. Attic fans do not cost a lot to operate, and there are models with built-in thermostats to ensure that they only run when absolutely necessary.

Extended Roof Life

Humidity is a major problem in many attics. Moisture inside homes rises and becomes trapped in the attic, eventually causing mold and other problems. Attic fans help remove moisture from attics before it can cause any damage to the roof that could end up with your needing to contact roofers Roanoke to sort out.

In addition to lowering your electric bill, an attic fan reduces your air conditioning expenses by preventing excess wear and tear on your cooling system. Since your AC won’t have to work as hard once you have an attic fan, you’ll face fewer repairs and the system will likely last longer.

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