You should have your homes panel inspected on a yearly basis for loose connections. Keep panel doors and box covers closed. Dust and moisture are two of the biggest enemies of electrical devices.

Electrical panel preventive maintenance is more cost-effective than making repairs as components fail. Your electrical panel and its’ components are a very important part of your home. Usually, they’re taken for granted, mostly due to being out of sight out of mind.

The assumption is they are maintenance-free. Untrue, gone unchecked can cause service interruption and in extreme cases fire. Breakers and loose wires can cause arching and overheat thus causing additional damage and more costly to repair. You will need a residential electrician to look at your electrical panel, for breakers and loose wires. The longer the maintenance is delayed, the heftier the costs will go later on.

If you are regularly re-setting a breaker you most likely have a problem! You could be overloading the circuit by having too many components plugged into one outlet! This should be avoided at all costs to increase your circuit panel’s longevity. In case you feel that you might need a professional to look at the electrical panel you should immediately seek expert help. You could learn more about the same here.

However, there are also other ways in which you would need expert intervention. For example, when you regularly reset the breaker it heats up thus causing wire damage and could cause a fire in extreme cases. This must be addressed and repaired to avoid more costly repairs. If you feel that your circuit panel isn’t actually up to standard for the power input and outputs of your building and the appliances within it, you should think about looking at panel upgrades services similar to these you can find at Get the Best Electrical Services – Panel upgrades and similar companies that could be local to you.

A preventive maintenance on your homes electrical panel should be done at least every 3 years but is recommended on an annual basis.

If you want a highly trained professional service electrician to take care of your homes electrical needs contact us. You will be educated on valuable information about our services and products, or call us to talk to a live person and schedule your appointment now!

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